What dreams are made of

It doesn’t take much knowledge about design to know when something looks nice.

The world is full of ugly things. A lot of these ugly things don’t involve monsters or barfy-colored greens because both of these can look quite nice in appropriate places. Ugly things–in my opinion–are born from bad design.

When I say bad design, I’m talking about things created using Comic Sans with too much white space and a million different colors and maybe some headlines written in Monotype Corsiva and misaligned images and sparkling fairies and .gif elements that could only have been placed together into the same tangible thing in some designer’s worst nightmare.

These things exist even though it really doesn’t take much understanding of design to know when something looks nice! Why are these beastly things created, then?

The answer is beyond me.

That’s why I’m dedicating this blog to designs that look nice because they’re easy enough to find. It’s even easy enough to find brilliantly designed, wonderful creations. It is my personal goal to rid this world of ugly things by showing you the beauty that can exist instead.

Good design is what dreams are made of!