When inspiration runs out

As a designer there have been so many instances where I can’t start a project just because I feel so uninspired. When trying to think, my mind draws blanks. It’s the equivalent of writers block, but instead of missing words and plot lines, there are missing color schemes and graphic elements.

Don’t fret if the same thing happens to you! There’s an easy way to beat it and here’s how:

1. Take a break: step away from your work and take some time to observe the world around you. This is where inspiration originates, but is the least-recognized form of it. When a person can look at your design and feel so comfortable and familiar with it (because the same world surrounds them too), they feel more immediately smitten.

2. Take notes: see what has made other designers successful with their work. Take inspiration, but use it to create something totally new and innovative. Websites like these listed below are a few of my favorites:

3. Experiment: don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Often, mistakes become some of the most inspired works for me. Six out of ten times my little creative experiments are complete failures–but ten out of ten times I learn something from the process!