Velvet Dust Magazine: Minimalism Vs. Decadence

This is an event poster I created for Velvet Dust Magazine to promote a party celebrating their winter 2013 issue release. The theme of the issue was “Minimalism vs. Decadence” and the design… Continue reading

Bourbon Girl: DeeJay Silver Event Poster

An event poster I created for a DJ event at Bourbon Girl (a bar in downtown Austin). DeeJay Silver is a country music DJ that mixes anything from top 40 to country to… Continue reading

Illuminati Vector Illustration

This is a vector illustration I did for fun using symbology from the Illuminati secret society. Prints, T-shirts, iPad and iPhone cases of this illustration are available for purchase here.

Velvet Dust Magazine: Fall Issue Release Event Poster

Velvet Dust Magazine is an Austin-based quarterly magazine dedicated to the arts and the community. Each quarter they create a theme, produce content and curate submitted content. This is an event poster I… Continue reading

Summertime Motion Graphic

A motion graphic I made for a class project at UNC-Chapel Hill. The topic was open-ended and the weather had been teasing us with warmth and sunshine after a particularly cruel winter, so… Continue reading

Global Demand for Shark Parts

This is an infographic I put together for a larger project about the Galapagos at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). The information shows where the demand for shark parts is coming… Continue reading

Denim Nation

This is an infographic I made working as a sales associate at Apple Boutique (a luxury women’s clothing store) to train new employees about the basics of selling denim as well as to… Continue reading

Unicorn of the Sea

This is a piece I put together for a class project detailing information about narwhals! It was made for a print/poster format so you may have to zoom in a bit on your… Continue reading

Game of Numbers

This is an infographic I designed for a class project at UNC-Chapel Hill. It details tips on creating a winning bracket for March Madness basketball as well as information regarding how teams are… Continue reading

Jacob Weber Photography Business Card

This is a freelance business card I designed for Jacob Weber, a photographer in downtown Austin. The logo is a vector of his gravity-defying hair and prominent beard. If you need a photographer… Continue reading